Bronchitis Home Remedy Review: Best At-Home Cure For Bronchitis?

Bronchitis Home Remedy Review

Hi, everyone. I’m writing this review to tell you about my experience with Bronchitis Home Remedy, an eBook written by Dylan George, that promotes an alternative to strong medication to approach bronchitis.

Dylan designed and published his method to heal bronchitis, promoting a natural approach that heals the body, not damages it more.

In his guide, you get full access to recipes, exercises, etc. That will help you find a long-term solution to bronchitis, so you won’t have to worry about it again.

My struggle

I started with bronchitis mixed with asthma when I was little. I lived in a town near the desert, this exposed everyone in the city to regular sandstorms, especially during spring and autumn.

Growing up, I was able to do whatever I wanted, but whenever there was a sandstorm, I would have an asthma crisis. My parents always reacted quickly and so my body never developed much sensitivity to the allergens in the air, and there was little resistance to the medicine.

When I was around 12, I stopped having asthmatic attacks, but bronchitis started coming up. I remember the first time this happened, my parents wanted to address it as an asthma attack, but I knew it was different. Thank God, they listened and we were able to go to the doctor.

I would struggle with bronchitis for almost 13 years.

Doctor to doctor

Because of bronchitis, I didn’t fully enjoy many things growing up.

  • Sports
  • The rain
  • Snow
  • Music festival
  • Partying all night

Yes, even if I partied all night, next morning I would have bronchitis again, and it was off to the doctor until it was diagnosed “chronic” and I just had to get my prescription every so often.

I was told there was no hope, no one cures bronchitis.

Little Boy in the Window

Living with bronchitis

Depending on the degree on which you get the episodes, some people can very well function, like me, and some others are constantly worrying about the next attack, it’s just not fair how anxiety strikes and it also contributes to bronchitis in some.

As I mentioned, my situation was functional. I was able to go to the gym, dance, travel, etc. Just, partying all night long or being in sandstorms triggered me. So, I was safe.

Once, I was sent for business to Tokyo. The moment I landed, I was feeling weird, when the driver picked me up, I had to get back to the small clinic near the airport. I was given medicine and was under observation.

Turned out that something in the air of Tokyo was triggering bronchitis. So I had to take some medicine for allergies the 2 weeks I was there, but I couldn’t enjoy my free time.

Looking for solutions

Doctors and Patient

When I came back, I went from doctor to doctor. They all agreed I was fine, I just had chronic bronchitis trigger by an allergic reaction to something in the air. With some medicine, it would be under control.

Medicine that I would have to pay for and ingest for the rest of my life.

I found it incredible that science is so advanced but still there is no cure for bronchitis. I knew I was not born to be sick, I needed to find something else.

Getting tired of being sick

The research took many hours of my days, for months. I started reading clinical books, research done, alternative approaches, etc.

As I went deeper into the research, I found out that all books said the same, which made me realize a few things.

  • Information was almost the same. This meant that:
  • Other doctors will say the same
  • There was not much research done?
  • I was receiving a rehearsed answer

Doctors never even took the time to do tests or anything. Just good old bronchitis with good old medicine. Next!

Man in White


I decided to turn into natural or holistic remedies. I found a lot of info about acupuncture, herbs, honey, etc. There were so many options, I didn’t know where to start.

As I went on reading and asking, I found out about psychosomatic diseases and how, even though most of them do have external triggers, the source of the problem can actually be addressed if we know what to change.

I read how some diseases come and go and people don’t really know why, and maybe the cause was different than just a “medical” thing.

If you think about it, I had asthma growing up, then it went away. Isn’t asthma supposed to be chronic? At least that’s what the doctors told us. When my asthma disappeared, no doctor was shocked, why? There are exceptions to the rule, I hoped there was one for bronchitis.

Bronchitis Home Remedy

After reading here and there, I was directed to this amazing book. Read some reviews, went to the website, watched the video, etc.

So, in my standards, anything that is “home remedy” was crap, so I was skeptical. But my plan A had already failed, and Dylan offers a money back, so I decided to give it a go.

When I decided to buy the book, I was happily surprised by how easy it was to buy and get it. No need to wait days, or even weeks, for the book to be delivered. It was all in PDF, straight to my email address. Easy download and I can read it on my phone, my computer, even my Kindle.

Learning what was wrong

Man Reading in a Tablet

As I was reading and verifying stuff online, I came across some shocking realizations

  • Bronchitis meds are not decided to cure
  • The meds were damaging my body
  • The meds were making me dependent on them
  • They don’t kill bacteria

The first thing that left me scared was how cold and calculating are pharmaceutical companies. Knowing that bronchitis is a common problem around the world, they push the doctors to sell medicine to deal with the symptoms, but not with the disease.

Because you never actually get treated against the disease, you just get control of the symptoms, so you always go back and buy, and keep supplying money to the big pharmaceuticals.


I am NOT complaining about the treatment. Without the normal treatment, I wouldn’t be alive, writing this review. Because those doctors gave me the right medicine at the right time, I was able to live a more normal life. For that, I am thankful.

However, if there is an alternative, if there is a way to live without this condition for the rest of my life, I have the right to know about it, I have the right to get the proper information so I can make a decision. The doctors were taking that away from me, and it was up to me to get my power of choice back.

Starting from the beginning

As mentioned before, one shocking realization was the fact that medicine was only containing the problem, not solving it.

Orange Pills

For many other diseases, you get medicine that KILLS the bacteria, or eliminates ways that the virus could keep reproducing itself.

Well, for bronchitis, the medicine that your doctor is giving, what it does is that it stops the bad bacteria from reproducing. This follows the logic that, if the bacteria don’t reproduce, those existing will die and then you’ll be free of it. But, after so many years of constantly being sick, one has to wonder.

Damaging your body

Western medicine, regardless of how effective it can be, it also brings side effects. Sometimes medicine is so strong that you are advised to be extremely cautious with food and drinks, and even any other substance that may come in contact with your body and trigger a bad reaction.

Because medicine for chronic diseases is designed to keep on being consumed, instead of clearing the problem, then you need to constantly ingest medicine.

If you constantly ingest medicine, you are damaging your stomach, your liver, your kidneys, your intestines, among God knows what else. And, since the intake is constant, your body has little or no time to recover so it just deteriorates.

But the doctors get “rewards” for selling certain medicine, and pharmaceuticals keep making money.

Getting to it

So, after finally dealing with the shock of understanding how it all worked, and how I was damaging my body, I started with the program.

So, after you download the PDF, start reading and start healing. Everything is over the counter, easy to access, and natural.

Because there is a clear progression and Dylan gives us enough background to understand what is going on, I had no issues with starting immediately and start improving by natural means.

  • Make your remedy
  • Take the remedy
  • Maximize effects

It’s not only about the home remedy, but it’s also about improving your health and living a better life. Starting from dealing with your bronchitis.

Killing the right bacteria

While normal medicine blocks the reproduction of bad bacteria in our body. Dylan´s remedy aims to kill the bacteria. However, it is not as easy as it seems.

Purple Bacterium

Whenever we take antibiotics, we are killing bacteria, but most times, we kill the good bacteria as well. So, even though we were able to kill the bad bacteria, I damaged my body in the process.

With Bronchitis Home Remedy, you only attack the bad bacteria, and that only. So, all your good bacteria remain healthy and working.

This allows you to heal from your chronic medicine, while still preventing bronchitis until you are finally free from it.

Starting to feel better

Man Exercising

Of course, the first symptom of improvement is a lighter chest. When one can actually breathe without much thought or concern.

This came together with me being able to breathe at night. I don’t snore, unless I am terribly exhausted, but because of bronchitis I would always grasp for air, have nightmares of drowning, among other unpleasant experiences.

Also, I was coughing less and less. At times, I would feel as if a cough was more of a reflex now. My body still needed to do it, but little by little the frequency decreased. One day, it stopped.

Because I was breathing better and sleeping better, I had more energy, more endurance in physical exercise, and I was enjoying life more.

Side Effects

Because I was able to breathe better, I was able to exercise better. My stamina in general increased, even with my wife.

Now, my family and I can breathe easier (get it?), everyone is less worried (starting from me), and so my interaction with my family now doesn’t, inevitably, get to being sick anymore.

Last, but not least, I was saving so much money because of my expenses in meds reduced by so much.

Making the decision

If you are reading this, and other reviews, most likely you are looking for an alternative answer, much like I did when I first found this book.

We have been taught to mistrust alternative medicine, some even call it a scam. However, it is undeniable that nature and science together have provided health to humans through the ages. There has to be some truth behind natural medicine.

I decided to get the eBook because I was tired of hearing the same answer, that I had something for the rest of my life and that I had no say or choice.

Decide for your health and that of those around you.

Getting better

By the end of some weeks, I was feeling amazing, like I had never felt before. I had grown so used to feeling bad, I hadn’t realized how better I could be.

I went a little longer with the treatment, but it is completely unnecessary.

A thing that was a big shock for me was how, when I felt comfortable enough to stop taking my normal medicine. Week by week I was feeling healthier, more alive. Of course, because I had stopped ingesting synthetic chemicals on a daily basis.

Because of this, my gastritis became practically non-existent, my stomach is less swollen, and I have more mental clarity.

It is not only about bronchitis but also of cutting the umbilical cord that we have with western medicine that, because of the greed of some, doesn´t really help people with chronic conditions.

Again, I have nothing against normal medicine. If it weren’t for it, and the doctors, I wouldn’t be here, but sometimes, even doctors make mistakes.

Do you remember that before the 80s, doctors endorsed cigarettes?

Life post-Bronchitis Home Remedy

After I was well and cured, because of the gradual process, my body didn’t have any problems adapting to a more active lifestyle.

I still keep the book around, but I haven’t read it in a while.

Sleeping is now a restoring time, not a time be stressed because I couldn’t control if I could breathe or not.

And, of course, my life, in general, has improved greatly.

The last benefit of Dylan’s remedy is that: You’re free from it once you are well. You can move on. Heal, and then let it go, share the PDF with someone you know, submit reviews yourself.


Jogging Healthy Sporty Jog Sport Leisure Run

My point is: Not only do you heal but ultimately, you are free of having to take things every day to be better.

Final thoughts

Looking for alternatives to feel well can be tiring and confusing. There are so many, one may not know where to start.

Deciding to buy whatever product and maybe not having money to buy another one if the last one doesn’t work, also adds hell to the process.

I would invite you to read another review and make a more informed decision.

However, if you

  • Are tired of looking around
  • Want to try something completely natural
  • Are tired of feeling bad

Then, maybe you can give this a go. You can always get your money back with their 60-day guarantee.

You get the book, as a PDF, immediately, you can decide on the spot. However, if you don’t try, you will never know.

It all comes to: How do you want to feel for the rest of your life?

Dare to be better. Good luck!


Bronchitis Home Remedy Review


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