Cellulite Factor Review:The Missing Piece In Your Skincare Routine?



The cellulite factor is a program that aims at providing you with information that will allow you to deal with your cellulite the natural way. You will know whether cellulite comes from and how to get rid of it.

Dr. Charles Livingston

Dr. Livingston is the brain behind cellulite factor. He has a Ph.D. in Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic, where he graduated with honors. A review revealed that he is also an accredited wellness practitioner and certified advanced nutritionist.


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A review indicates that some causes of cellulite include:

  • Genetics: cellulite can generically be transferred from generation to generation individual genes are suspected to cause cellulite. These genes produce pre-deposition of fatty layers under the skin which cause the skin layer to thicken.
  • Lifestyle factors: these factors include lifestyle behavior like smoking. Other factors are the lack of exercise leading to accumulation of fat in the body tissues.
  • The slow rate of metabolism. This mostly happens in people who are either overweight or obese. The slow rate of metabolism causes weight gain because food takes long to be broken down and it is therefore deposited in the body.
  • Poor diet: consuming too much fat and carbohydrates and failure to take enough water puts you at a risk of developing cellulite.
  • Hormonal imbalance; hormones like estrogen, insulin, adrenaline and thyroid hormone are crucial in the development of cellulitis. You must regulate these hormones


Reviews show that the following are the grades of cellulite:

  • First grade; you have no physical signs of cellulite even when one pinches your skin
  • Second grade: you have no physical evidence of the cellulite, but when you have pinched it shows people in this grade of cellulite will not show it when sited or lying down.
  • Third grade; this degree of cellulite is visible when one is standing, but it disappears when they lie down.
  • Fourth grade: You will see the cellulite whether the person is standing or cited.


The cellulite factor is a six modules package


Module one: The cellulite book:

This is the primary guide to the program. The program will answer the following questions:

What is cellulite?

The program will teach you how cellulite is formed.Every individual has a fat tissue below the smooth tissue of the skin that covers the body. If at some point, the fat herniates, pulling on the connective tissue that links the soft skin above and fatty tissue below. The process causes the skin to dimple, leading to cellulite.

Another possible explanation is that fat deposits below the skin are the cause of cellulite comes from toxic substances.

Myths and facts


The books seek to demystify cellulite by providing factual information. Some of the myths explored are:

  • Cellulite is generic meaning that it is inherited from your parents.
  • The location of cellulite. Some people believe that cellulite will only occur on the hips and the back of the thighs.
  • The other myth is that exercise can help to eliminate cellulite. This has been proven to be untrue
  • Some other people have also tried to reduce cellulite through liposuction which just doesn’t work.

Spot a Scam

This section of the program explores various products on there in the market that is clearly scams: The following is to help you evaluate whether a given program is a scam.

  • Anti-cellulite clothes
  • Miracle working creams
  • Anti-cellulite drugs and pills
  • Massage and vibration therapies.
  • Laser therapy
  • In addition to identifying the possible scams, the book goes on to explore the side effects of each of the products.

NOTE: Some of the products highlighted by cellulite factor have been declared legitimate by web MD. There are therefore doubts about the basis on which cellulite factor warns you to stay away from the products; is it for your right or their selfish reasons.

Crash diets


In this section, the book explores the damaging effects of crash diets. Crash diets are diet plans that are very VLCD (low-calorie diets). They encourage the ingestion of fewer calories than what your body requires. The word ‘crash’ implies that you are undertaking the diet for a short time, mostly 10days to three weeks

The crash diets are currently prominent since most people think that will help them lose the weight faster

However, these foods are equivalent to starvation, and they have the following effects:

  • Retention of weight
  • Slowed metabolism
  • Retention of fat
  • Conservation of water
  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Eat to eliminate cellulite

Target calorie intake


This section teaches you about how some calories you should take in knowing some calories you should consume win enable you to determine how much food you should be eating to gain weight, maintain your weight or lose weight. The program teaches you to determine your BMR so that you can also know how many calories you burn in a day.

Food for banishing cellulite

  • This section of the pdf looks at the specific foods that can help you in the war against cellulite: for example
  • Grapefruit
  • Broccoli
  • Bokchoy
  • Spinach
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Papaya

The foods that fight cellulite are good at burning it because:

  • They are rich in vitamins; minerals and antioxidants. These foods will keep your metabolism going all the time.
  • They are low in calories: These foods will make easier for you to lose weight.
  • They are filled with water: These foods help you to eliminate toxins from your body. These toxins are the main causes of cellulite

The book helps you to know the different groups of food:

  • Raw food
  • Proteins
  • Dairy products
  • Healthy fats
  • Complex carbohydrates

What you should not eat:

This section teaches you the foods that you should avoid when you engage the cellulite factor. These foods mostly contain:

  • Toxins
  • Preservatives
  • Empty calories
  • Saturated Fats
  • Trans fats

All the above components contribute to cellulite. Some of these foods that contain the above components include:

  • White flour
  • Packaged snacks
  • Sugary drinks
  • Processed Meats


This selection of the EBooks will help you to know whether you need supplements to eliminate cellulite. The book first teaches you how thyroid and lymph systems work. These are the policies that contribute to removing toxins. The pdf lists the supplements that will strengthen the thyroid system and the lymphatic system and keep the two systems working properly.

The section has great advice for you if you have challenges of toxin buildup in your body.in addition you will be taught all the fat burning hormone balancing and health boosting supplements.

NOTE: Not all the supplements in the list have been thoroughly researched. Do your due diligences before you consume them.

Cellulite elimination

This portion of the book will reveal the secret methods that the creator recommends to eliminate cellulite

Module 2: The second book is the cellulite factor cookbook. This eBook is loaded with recipes that you should prepare in the course of your diet. The module analyses all the recipes into the individual ingredients you will need which makes it easy for you to realize what exactly you should eat and in what quantities.

Module Three:  The third module is the cellulite factor food and exercise journal. The program will enable you to keep track of your progress during the diet. It is just designed in a way that you can print it so that you can closely monitor your diet.

Module Four: The cellulite factor meal plan. This portion informs you which meal plan and posts it in your house. Follow the recipes in the cookbook to know how to prepare the meals. This module is important because it eliminates all guess work from the diet plan.

Module Five:  Cellulite factor grocery list

This module enables you to know the foods that you need and the locations where they can be found. The module is designed to make it easy for you to purchase only the foods you need for the diet and avoid wastage.

Module Six: Cellulite Factor Toxin Avoidance food. This module guides you to know what cellulite was causing toxins you should avoid. You will learn about the various sources of toxins including;

  • Foods
  • Your house
  • Your environment
  • Toiletries
  • You will be taught about the different purging systems that you can use to eliminate all toxins so that you can be free from toxins during the time of the diet.

Four simple steps

The program outlines four simple steps to burnish cellulite

Step one

This step will teach you how to alter your generic composition to reduce the to reduce the appearance of cellulite on your legs, arms, and thighs. You will speed up the flow of blood to the cellulite prone areas and decrease retention of water in dermal tissues. This is the first steps towards eliminating cellulite.

Step two

In this step, you use food to eliminate cellulite specific food that can speed the process of reducing cellulite and slow down the accumulation of the same. You will learn some foods that pick up indiscriminately, and by avoiding them, the battle against cellulite is already halfway worn.

Step three

This section will teach you the reason why exercise will not necessarily help you to lose cellulite. You will be shown a three-step process that will help you to reduce cellulite permanently. You will learn why most cellulite removers are only temporary and the main reason why this particular program will not fail.

Step four

You will be taught the right way to remove cellulite

Tips to eliminate cellulite


  • Coffee grind body wraps. The coffee grind is especially effective if it is done daily. It is especially valuable if it is followed by massage with the brush and some simple exercise
  • Drink enough water cellulite is mostly caused by the building of toxins under the skin. You, therefore, have to drink plenty of water so that you can ease the transportation of those toxins out of the body. The cellulite factor shows how to prepare a simple cleanse. Mix water with lemon and other special juices and you will get rid of the toxins much faster.
  • Avoid toxic causing foods
  • Certain foods are known to increase the appearance of cellulite on your body. The program will give you the full list of foods to avoid including
  • White flour based food: You must eliminate foods such as bread, cookies, pasta, and pizza. To get rid of cellulite. You must either do away with white flour or consume minuscule quantities.
  • Processed meats; processed meat like bacon, ham and ground beef are full of nitrates and other additives that are toxic to your body. A better option would be to buy beef and mince. Mice for yourself at home. This way you can control everything that you are consuming.
  • Tran’s fats: Trans fats are a kind of fat that is created through the process of hydrogenation and is mostly added to snack foods to increase their shelf-life. You will learn how to improve their shelf-life. You will learn how you can avoid trans fats.
  • Sugar filled beverages; Beverages like soda and other juices contain a lot of sugar. The pdf gives the full list of the drinks that you should avoid. The better option would be to buy fruits and make your juice. Fresh juice is well cool and full of vitamins
  • Proper pairing of foods eating the wrong combination of foods can increase your chances of fat storage taking place and boosting the occurrence of cellulite. Also, the program will inform you how you can pair your foods successfully to avoid cellulite.
  • Some fruits like apricots and bananas contain sucrose, which a form of sugar and ignorance about the sugar in the fruits, ends up in your consuming too many fruits ends up in you consuming too many fruits, it will eventually transform into fats and even more cellulite.

 TIP: Do not mix carbohydrates and fats. The results will be disastrous.

  • Take proper supplements: The right supplements contain vitamins, nutrient, and minerals that your bodies need. This portion of the book gives you the key ingredients that your dietary supplements should provide. You will also get to know the reason why antioxidants and other elements are crucial to your body. Your body requires sufficient amount of.
    • Iodine
    • B vitamins
    • Selenium
    • Zinc
    • Fish oil
    • Vitamin C.

You will get the full list of the supplements that you should take and how they will benefit your body.

  • Create a daily routine

Creating a routine showing all the actions that you are undertaking is important so that you can be accountable to yourself.



  • The program stands out from other programs because the creator has full understanding of cellulite
  • You will realize the results quickly. In just two weeks into the program. You will witness remarkable results.
  • Other benefits include:-
    • You will experience improved blood circulation
    • Your nutrition will be boosted
    • You will experience improved flexibility
    • Your skin will be extra smooth


  • The completeness of the program. The program provides a lot of information on cellulite starting with how it is formed and how to eliminate it. The information is not only complete but also presented in a logical sequence that you will find easy to follow.
  • The bonus presents: when you buy the program, you will get a package of six books. This indicates that you have access to all the resources that you need to eliminate cellulite. You will be empowered to change your diet and lifestyle: –
  • The grocery list
  • Toxic avoidance handbook
  • A meal plan
  • The cookbook
  • The bonuses are much more valuable than the program itself.
  • The natural approach

The program promotes a healthy natural remedy to cellulite. All the option presented has no side effects.


  • The quality of the writing; Reviews note a lot of grammatical errors in the entire program. This brings to mind some questions about the credibility of the program
  • The lack of backup: the pdf lack any evidence of studies on cellulite. The absence of scientific proof to back up their theories, the program lacks the confidence that it works.
  • The program gives you adequate information to help you keep away from scams


Cellulite Factor Review


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