Diabetes Escape Plan Review: What are your doctors hiding from you? 

Diabetes Escape Plan Review

It never occurred to me that the Diabetes Escape Plan would be so simple. Having seen a friend go down with a debilitating bout of diabetes mellitus, I thought that it would take a very sophisticated plan.

Gary Martin is the author of the program and someone I have to respect in this area of treatment of this disease. The disease has a debilitating effect on the body.

Some of the complications of diabetes mellitus includes:

  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Coma
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Periodontal disease

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The above are just but a few of the complications one would have to cope with.There is Diabetes Escape Plan Review will provide an effective and long term treatment for the condition.

What is Diabetes Escape Plan?


Diabetes Escape Plan Review


Simply put, this is a meal plan that is designed to help reverse the serious effects brought about by this condition. It works by offering a suggestion on the following ways to help overcome or at least prevent the side effects:

  • Lowers the amount of glucose that is produced in kidney as well as the liver  through regulations in the meal taken
  • It does not require one to carry out serious lifestyle changes in order to affect it. In other words, you do not have to stop eating your favorite dishes.
  • There is no use of medication or special diets
  • One will not be subjected to the insulin injections in order to keep blood glucose under control.
  • It enhances resistance against the disease.
  • Makes use of a special regime for 19 days

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Gary Martin

Before he came up with the program, Gary tried it on his own and found it quite effective. The success  gave him the motivation to launch the regime.

It was no mean feat to lower the blood sugar from a high of 270  to the low of 100.He found the need to replicate this success to others and this is how the idea of this program came into being.

Once you enroll for the 19-day diet plan, the chronic disease will be eliminated from the body. The Kidneys and the liver are the main organs in the body which influence the high amount of glucose that is produced in the body.

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If there is too much of it in the blood, you will suffer from the conditions described above. Lack of the sugar will also have the same side the effects. Finding the  right balance in insulin levels will readily help to keep the sugar in the body in check.Unfortunately, the meals we take ruin the blood sugar balance, hence the side effects.

The system developed by Gary involves diet plans to last you the specified number of days. You are required to follow it consistently in order to get positive results regarding blood sugar control. It will not take you long before you start noticing changes in the way your body utilizes and stores blood sugar.

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The meals that you are going to use doesn’t have to be new but what you are used to, only that it is broken down into a manageable diet with the main aim being to regulate the blood sugar without making any serious changes to your health.

The diet plan works by incorporating the enzymes and amino acids, both of which team up to help regulate blood sugar. Those who have used the system before admit to the fact that it is highly cost effective.

You can use the ordinary foods and supplements sold at your local grocery. You do not have to spend a lot of money on diets which don’t work. Indeed, it is possible to fall into a scam where you enroll into an expensive program with no positive result at the end of it all. The gimmicks can be attractive, promising instant results.

Unless you are careful, you will be fleeced of your hard-earned money through crash diets, supplements, and medications which don’t work. The solution for you is to buy this program because it has been tested and proven to work.


In order to effectively carry out the intended functions, this system comes with the following features:

  • It contains a wide array of the information that you need to the food that you should take together with the nutritional content of such foods.
  • The secret fruit that you should take to magically lower the high amount of blood sugar.

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  • The time you are supposed to devote per day to the program and the areas of the body where one expects to shed some fat for a lean appearance.In most cases, the areas of focus would be the belly, legs and the butt.
  • An instruction manual that will guide you on exactly what you are supposed to do to keep you off the high glucose level without intervention from medication or injection.

You will not have to wait for a long time before you start seeing the positive results. When I enrolled for the program , I only needed to wait for  19 days and by the time the days were coming to a close, the positive results could  be seen.

It was unlike the other kind of programs which fail to deliver on their promises despite their high sounding titles. It is just unbelievable that you could reverse the effects of high blood sugar in a record 19 days.

I know you are burning with questions on how this could be possible. Please relax and let me take you step by step on this happens.

The diabetic condition has for a long time been known to have no known cure. The diabetes type 2 is a difficult condition to treat. It comes as no surprise that you are hesitant to believe that a 19-day meal regime could be used to reverse the effects of the condition. I was also in the same position as you sometimes back until I used it and understood how it works.

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The Diabetes Escape Plan game plan is simple and straightforward. If we can find a way of reducing the excessive production of glucose in the blood by the liver, the war on diabetes type 2 would be won.

By the end of the stipulated 19 days, there is expected to be a complete reversal in the sugar levels. The insulin injections will not apply anywhere and you cease taking the highly unaffordable diabetic medications.

Only a diet plan can reverse all these. Many people find it inconceivable that a blood sugar can climb down from   270 to 100 through diet. Yet, one only needs to look at Gary Martin’s feat to appreciate that this program is legit and you will get positive results such as those of Gary as long as you are steadfast in the program from day 1.

Diabetes can weaken  such that your body you are not able to handle various complications that it presents. This could pose a serious health challenge so that you end up compromising your lifestyle.

There are too many risks involved, hence the need to make a switch to a natural system that enables the body to cope with the body to self-regulate the blood sugar. This is made possible by the fact that the system introduces you to various fruits, vegetables and the combination of nutrients which you need to combat and remain free from diabetes.

There is a lot more than you will learn from the system than you would get from other cheap programs. This includes:

  • Ability to adjust and lead a healthy lifestyle when you are finally diagnosed to be suffering from diabetes.
  • The cookbook in the system offers endless options on the delicacies you should take
  • The workout program for someone who is too lazy to exercise
  • The best cure for you if  you have a sweet tooth
  • Getting to know the truth from your doctor regarding your condition.

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The pros of the system

There are many positive things we can say about this system. The first one is the fact that this method is simple but effective. Instead of the expensive medications or surgery, you only need to make use of this diet plan to completely reverse diabetes.

The plan is laid well and downloadable in the form of pdf. You will easily read through it and understand the whole concept. There are no technical details to confuse you.

There are many side effects which are associated with surgeries and other diabetic medications.However, this diet plan is natural. As such, you will not encounter any harmful side effects. This escape plan makes use of foods that are healthy to bring back the glucose to a normal level.

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The reversal of diabetes conditional is not short term but a permanent the whole process will take you 19 days only.

One thing you will like about the plan is that it helps you to avoid the awful effects of dangerous drugs and supplements which are usually given to people who are diabetic.

The diet plan is based on research. It has been tried and tested by none other than the founder who first used it on himself before launching it as a product for others to benefit as well. The proof gives it a lot of credibilities. Many people are willing to buy a product if it has been tried and proven to work.  The reviews from past users are evidence enough that you can rely on the product.

Curing diabetes used to appear like a feat that could not be cured. The Diabetes Escape Plan has proven that you can use diet in less than 3 weeks and reverse its negative effects.

Lastly, you will find this program ideal the restoration of your self-confidence.This is because it has the most up to date information which is thoroughly accurate to help you address any issue concerning the condition.

The cons

Despite the fact this system has all the positive effects as given above; there are a few negative reviews that I managed to gather. The author of the program has only availed it in digital format. As such, there are no other formats available such as the print or the VCDs. For ease of accessibility, the system should be availed in various options and especially for those who have no access to the internet.

The system is too strict in the sense that one has to follow it through relentlessly in order to see the results. Those who falter in the process will not benefit from it. For instance ,if  you follow it though  till the 14th  day and then opt out, all these days will go down the drain as you will not see the positive results  the you would expect the  fruits of  your effort until you complete it.


Since diabetes is a life threatening condition, the best approach is long term, natural methods. The cause should be identified at the earliest opportunity. This program has been tried and tested. It is highly effective, affordable and simple to implement as long as you have the right information.

The use of diet plan to reverse blood sugar is much safer as it has no side effect. The results are achievable in less than 3 weeks, yet long lasting. It is for these reasons that am highly recommending to all those who have tried surgery and drugs to no avail.

Gain exclusive access to the Diabetes Escape Plan and start to plan how you’re going to get away from diabetes for good!

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