Instant Baby Sleep Review: How to get your baby to fall asleep faster

Instant Baby Sleep Review


Instant Baby Sleep Review

How Cute Are They?

Babies can be a bundle of joy when they are awake, well fed and be bubbling with happiness. There comes a time when they’re unbridled, seemingly unlimited energy that keeps them awake becomes a pain for the tired parent or guardian who wants to do something else or catch some sleep.

This product review has all you need to know about Instant Baby Sleep and its workings.

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We all know the old lullabies that we sing for the babies to put them to sleep but we all know they don’t work most of the time. In this review, I am going to talk about an alternative method which will change the world of putting babies to sleep as we know it. Revolutionary is the word here.

Putting the baby to sleep with music is a fun way to do it and it gets the results instantly. In this article, I am going to share the following bits of information with you.

  • Instant baby sleeping technique
  • How does it work
  • Is it safe for the baby
  • The merits of using this method
  • Newborn babies sleep patterns
  • Importance of daily naps
  • How to speed up the process with reluctant babies
  • Where to get the soundtrack
  • Who made this amazing piece of technology?

Mom looking at her son while sleeping

Let’s get that baby to sleep, shall we?

The Most Amazing Features

From the reviews left by customers, we have gleaned quite a lot about the features of this product. It is not a scam and as this review details, it is amazing. It shows you exactly why you should buy this soundtrack.

  1. The Time Frame Is Unbelievable

Basically, this is an audio or video that is used to put the baby to sleep by the way it is structured and the sounds it makes.

Mother and baby reading a book

This amazing piece of tech can put a baby to sleep within the next five minutes sparing you the trouble of singing, cajoling and delicately handling the baby as you scream at everyone in the house to keep their mouths shut.

  1. The Technology Is Ingenious

This audio is basically a soundtrack that is designed to produce energy that is over the human hearing spectrum, it is what is called white noise. The spectrum ranges from (20Hz-20 KHz).

The engineers of this soundtrack embedded a certain pulse within the soundtrack that is designed to induce drowsiness by helping the brain go into the state called the Alpha state.

However, the amount of energy that is produced by this soundtrack is controlled by the parents or the baby’s guardian to ease the baby slowly into a state of sleep. This is usually done by controlling the volume.

  1. It Is Safe For The Baby

The engineers of this audio derived all the sounds from natural occurrences. They used womb sounds among other sounds to create a state of comfort and familiarity for the baby.

newborn baby

This audio is, therefore, safe to use because none of the noise is harmful to the brain. It has been applied in the following environments with huge success:

  • Baby playgroups
  • Hospitals/pediatric wards
  • Used by doctors
  • Used by nurses
  • Uses in pediatric learning situations
  • The babies ICU (neonatal unit )

It works by tapping into the hearing sense of all people, babies and adults alike by subtly embedded vibrations that induce a state of relaxation in the person using the soundtrack.

  1. You Can Program Sleeping Patterns With It

Before you can start using this soundtrack, you need to understand the way babies work. They too have sleeping patterns that are not entirely predictable but by conditioning, they can be made to have better sleep.

At first, the baby may not fall asleep as fast as you expect but here is how you can get there faster.

The Conditioning Process

  1. Have a set of routine that leads to the baby sleeping. Maybe, you could take them to their room after they have fed and had a bath. At this time, they are relaxed already and by comforting them and playing the soundtrack at the same time, they will learn to fall asleep.
  1. Keep on repeating the same routine every day while keeping good track of time and ensuring that the pattern is regular. This way, their biological clocks start adjusting to the conditioning.
  1. After some time, the routine will be ingrained in them and because you have repeated it so many times, they will automatically fall asleep before you even get the time to finish the sequence of events that you have been doing to get them to sleep.
  2. By making a baby know what the soundtrack means, they are lulled into a state of sleep quicker as the time goes by. They learn that the soundtrack will lull them to sleep and the time can be reduced to only a matter of 12-15 seconds

Instant Baby Sleep Uses

Baby naps are important because proper sleep not only leads to a well-rested baby; it also ensures that the baby is healthy and happy most of the time. The baby consumes a lot of time and needs you to nurture, keep clean and feed it most of the time.

Newborn baby on wool

This will, of course, drain you and when the baby is napping, you can grab some rest too. In the reviews from consumers, they complained mostly about the sleeplessness caused by the baby and how the soundtrack helped.

The soundtrack can help you do all this in the following ways.

  • Establishment Of A Routine

As was mentioned in the previous section, the baby will be able to learn what the soundtrack is for and in this way; they can be put to sleep in a very short time with no hard work or disturbance whatsoever.

The importance of a routine is to ensure the sleeping patterns are well synchronized to make the baby healthier and happier. Sleep is actually more important for babies than adults.

Also, the adults who have a hard time sleeping can finally have the rest they need without having to pop pills.

  • Manage Their Growing Up

These babies grow up real quick and as they become bigger, they will want to do more than just sleep and eat. Playtime is good but for children, it is the ultimate experience.


Children Playing In Woods Together

They want to play all day long and at dinner time or mealtimes, they come home and fall asleep immediately without having eaten anything.

By use of the soundtrack, you can encourage them to get a healthy amount of sleep in readiness for the next day. This will help you manage them as they grow up and slip from your grasp

  • Help Them Get More Sleep

Again and again, I have been mentioning routine as the key to getting them into bed in the shortest and most efficient time and way respectively.

Children need more sleep than adults do and when they don’t get enough of it because of interference that includes the need to play, stay up late or mealtimes, they become sluggish.

Helping them get more sleep is the key to ensuring that they stay at the top of their energy at all times.

  • The Wild Ones

As a baby, am told I was a wild one. I didn’t want to miss anything that was going on and despite the fact that babies are supposed to be asleep most of the time; I was too gifted and too wild to sleep.

Well, these kinds of babies should not be forced to sleep. They should be left to their own devices and monitored well. By use of the Instant Baby Sleep soundtrack, they can be gently eased into sleep.


baby is sleeping in a basket

Play it to them and watch what happens. It may not work very well as it does with suggestible babies but it will work in the end.

Instant Baby Sleep & Difficult Babies

As was previously mentioned, we do have those really difficult babies who derive excitement from the state of being awake and they constantly are doing something. Moving, crying, pooping, crying again and squirming.

You can help ease them and calm their tempers by other simpler methods which when coupled with the Instant Sleep soundtrack works like magic. It’s the one method you can buy. The reviews from mothers speak for the product.

  • Swaddling them in a soft cloth like a binkie or a fur-like clothe makes them feel warm and contented. They will be lulled into a state of happiness.
  • Rocking chairs and swinging motions, in general, have a soothing effect on babies who are very active. They become calmer and more likely to fall asleep than when they are just tucked into their blankets.
  • Feeding and bathing them before nap times will often make them slow and sluggish. Sleep comes easier this way because they have nothing to bother you with.


newborn sleeping in the cradle

Where to Get the Instant Baby Sleep Soundtrack

This revolutionary audio can be bought from i-tunes, Amazon or any music outlet near you. If you can’t find it in the stores, you can order it online or sometimes, if you have a reliable music site, you can download it.

The People Who Made This

The technology used to develop this was in South Africa where an Engineer who specializes in sound and its nuances was able to make this amazing soundtrack.

The Megaphone Media Recording studio is a world-class facility that has top-notch engineering equipment for sound specialists.

Where to Play It 

Most of the users can access it online and download it from there. The following are some of the speaker types you can use to play it on. Just in case you were worried about having special equipment for this, don’t fret, it is fairly flexible. You can play it on;

  • Your Smartphone
  • The stereo system
  • The car speakers
  • The computer speakers
  • Your laptop
  • A compact disk player
  • An MP3 player
  • I-pod
  • I-pad

Basically, any good sound system can play this soundtrack effectively. If you don’t have a good sound system, buy one.

The Pros

This soundtrack had a lot of success because of the applications and a wide range of its capabilities. The advantages are huge and here are some of them:

  • The soundtrack is able to filter out noises in the house creating a better ambiance that helps the baby to sleep.
  • The rowdiest kids can also be calmed down by this soundtrack too.
  • There is no age limit to who can be sent into sleep by the soundtrack.
  • There can be an easier establishment of regular sleeping patterns.
  • Adults with insomnia can use this soundtrack especially if they are in an already relaxed state that will help them fall asleep faster.
  • Children can be conditioned such that anytime they hear the soundtrack, they fall asleep. It makes everything easier.
  • It helps babies who are teething, have rashes or colic calm down.
  • It can be used in a car while traveling to calm the children and make them less noisy or less annoying.
  • It does not require any special skills to operate and can, therefore, be used by anyone.

The Con

You should however not use this soundtrack with headphones or earphones because it will be difficult to gauge the volume and the subtle changes caused by it.


Instant Baby Sleep is a revolutionary piece of technology that has changed the way we deal with babies and their idiosyncrasies. We can now get more rest, have an easy time getting them to sleep and having time to do other work apart from getting them to sleep.

In this review, we have given you all you need to know when you use this piece of technology. It is simple with no difficulties in use and it works.

There are people who sell these audios claiming that they are authentic. Most of them are scammers who just want to fleece you. In this review, we have told you how easy it is to get the audio. Just download it for yourself from a trusted website.

If you can afford to buy the hard copies from an online retail store, it will be okay to support the maker of this technology. Don’t worry about making the baby sleep; buy the soundtrack now to get maximized and optimized sleep.

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