Outsmart Insomnia Protocol Review: How To Fall & Stay Asleep

No one can survive without sleep. Quality sleep is crucial for mental and physical health. It is vital to the quality of one’s life.

Obvious clues of sleep deprivation include excessive sleepiness, yawning, uncharacteristic irritability and daytime fatigue. Chronic insomnia leads to the following:

  • Compromised immune system
  • Respiratory challenges
  • Increased risk for type 2 diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Abnormal growth hormone production
  • Increase in impulsive behavior
  • Trouble thinking and concentrating
  • Depression
  • Paranoia
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Poor balance
  • Low sex drive

In rare instances, chronic insomnia has led to death.

Quality sleep is made up of two parts. The first is how quickly one can fall asleep. The second is how long one can stay asleep. Today’s review is for a product that reveals how to fall asleep in fifteen minutes, stay asleep and wake fully rested. The product is called Outsmart Insomnia Protocol.

Outsmart Insomnia Protocol

Poor work performance

This is a digital pdf program. It reveals the true cause of insomnia. It also reveals how to fall asleep quickly and enjoy deep sleep. Finally, it reveals how to create a sleep schedule.

This program is built on findings by researchers at the University of Oxford. Those findings make up the two key elements at the heart of this program. Those two key elements are:

The first key element deals with conflicting messages. The brain is receiving conflicting messages from two key areas. The wake center and the sleep center. Ideally, they should work like the moon and the sun. When one goes on the other goes off and vice versa. However, insomnia results because both of them are active at the same time.

The second key element deals with purposeful change. You can change your brain. This can be done through a targeted habit and nutrition changes. These changes reconfigure the brains’ activities. The reconfigurations resolve occurrences of insomnia.

Sam Oakes is the programs creator.

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Sam Oakes

Groggy Man

Sam was an insomniac. It started in his teens. He took three to five hours to fall asleep. Sometimes he never slept at all. When he started a family and a career, things got worse. He went without sleep for multiple days.

Sam’s sleep deprivation resulted in weight gain and constant migraines. In addition, his work performance and sex life took a nose dive. Under those circumstances, depression was inevitable.

He tried pills. They worked. However, he was left feeling groggy. In addition, the fear of addiction was ever present. He switched to natural supplements. Things continued to get worse. He sought medical attention. The doctor’s advice. He should go back on the sleeping pills since they provided some form of relief.

As mentioned earlier, sleep deprivation impairs mental ability. Sam experienced it first hand in the worst possible way. One evening, he got caught up in a sleep deprivation mental fog. He lost track of how many sleeping pills he had taken and took more. The result was a sleeping pill overdose. He woke up in the hospital. Death was cheated that night. However, he knew that the next time he may not be so lucky.

There is a saying, that goes: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Sam was the student. He was ready. The teacher was a sign at a conference. The sign said  “A New View of Insomnia.”

That sign directed Sam to a conference. The conference theme can be summarized as. Insomnia: a result of brain activity and not stress. The specific brain activity in question was related to the wake center and the sleep center.

The techniques Sam learned, practiced and tested have been combined into a comprehensive insomnia guide.

Program Modules

Sleeping Woman

Four modules make up the Outsmart Insomnia Protocol. They are:

  • The Truth About Insomnia
  • The Quick & Dirty Guide to Fall Asleep in 15 Minutes or Less
  • 3 Steps to Balance Your Brain Chemistry, Fix Your Sleep Schedule and Cure Insomnia Forever
  • The Neuroscientist’s Secrets to Deep, Satisfying Sleep and Waking Up Refreshed.

Module 1: The Truth About Insomnia

Sleepless Woman

The first module breaks down insomnia. In this module you will learn the following:

  • What new research says about the causes of insomnia
  • How a healthy brain acts during sleep as compared to during insomnia.
  • Three mistakes made before going to sleep that guarantee insomnia

Module 2: The Quick & Dirty Guide to Fall Asleep in 15 Minutes or Less

Man sleeping

The second module covers fifteen techniques that will have you asleep in fifteen minutes or less. Some of the techniques you will learn include the following.

  • An All-Natural Insomnia-Busting Shake Recipe – This recipe signals the brain to produce amongst other neurochemicals, melatonin. Melatonin helps control sleep and wake cycles
  • “Head-to-Toe” Total Body Relaxer – Meditation experts created this technique. It shows you how to relax every muscle and signal the brain to fall asleep.
  • Sleepy Numbers” Breathing Method – This breathing technique allows for more oxygen to get to the heart. This allows the heart to slow down and encourages relaxation. Another breathing technique you’ll learn is breathing through your left nostril. Scientific reviews show this causes you to fall asleep quickly.
  • “No Words” Visualization – This technique counters a common mistake insomniacs make. Your thoughts determine how your brain works. You will learn to feed your brain with information that encourages sleep.

Module 3: 3 Steps to Balance Your Brain Chemistry, Fix Your Sleep Schedule, and Cure Insomnia Forever


The second module shows you how to fall asleep in fifteen minutes or less. This third module shows you how to make that a normal everyday part of your life.

Long term solutions are provided in three steps.

  1. 4 Questions to Instantly Reveal What’s Causing Your Insomnia – Step one involves four questions that will get you to the root cause of your insomnia.
  2. The Hypnotist’s Guide to Relax Your Brainwaves and Drift to Sleep – Step two involves learning how to reprogram your brain.The hypnotist guide teaches you how to set your brainwaves to allow for quality sleep.
  3. The Sleep Schedule Solution – The final step shows you how to create a sleep schedule. For a habit to be successful it requires a trigger. Quality sleep habits are trigger by an effective sleep schedule. Your mind knows what to expect and helps you prepare accordingly.

Module 4: The Neuroscientist’s Secrets to Deep, Satisfying Sleep and Waking Up Refreshed

Good Morning

The final module shows you how to have the best rejuvenating sleep of your life every night. This type of sleep can only be accessed in stage three deep NREM sleep. Also referred to as “slow-wave sleep” and “delta sleep.”

Stage three deep NREM sleep occurs approximately thirty-five minutes after one falls asleep.


The techniques you will learn show you how to get to stage three deep NREM sleep. They include the following.

  • “In the Moment” Thinking – The uncertainty of the future keeps many people awake. You will learn how to stay in the present moment with this technique.
  • The “Stress-Free” Protocol – Worrying about falling asleep has a certain result. Not falling asleep. This technique shows how to relax and let sleep come to you.
  • “Ready, Set, Snooze” 5-Minute Workout – This program has identified quick workout routines that prepare the brain for sleep.

You’ll also learn the following

  • What keeps the majority of insomniacs awake and how to avoid it.
  • Six bedtime snacks that create deep sleep
  • Five bedroom designs that encourage light sleep and how to avoid them.

Money Back Guarantee

This program comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Who Should Buy This Program

Asleep at work

This program is for anyone who has experienced the following

  • Lying awake for hours when you should be sleeping
  • Unable to attend social activities due to lack of energy
  • Compromised motor and mental ability
  • Restless sleep characterized by tossing and turning
  • Sleeping but waking up riddled with fatigue.
  • Declining work performance on account of fatigue.



Peter Tripp was a radio DJ. In 1959 he staged a publicity/charity stunt. His stunt involved going without sleep for two hundred hours.

The effects of sleep deprivation start small. Three days into the publicity/charity stunt his demeanor changed. Gone was the cheerful Dj everyone had grown to love. Those who dared approach him were treated to snark comments and unpleasantness.

Hallucinations came next. Visions of kittens, mice, and spiders. In addition, doctors became undertakers trying to kill him. In the end, he spent 201 hours and 10 unpleasant minutes awake. His life unraveled soon afterward as well. Don’t let your life mimic this trajectory in the slightest.

If you are an insomniac, the Outsmart Insomnia Protocol is not a nice-to-have program. It’s a must have. It can literally save your life.

Its holistic approach to insomnia is safe.  In addition, you do not have fear the addiction that comes with pharmaceutical drugs. Some people have seen positive

Reviews show that some people have seen positive immediately. On average it takes three to ten days. Compared to lifetime suffering with chronic insomnia, this is a walk in the park.

You deserve to sleep like a baby today. This program will definitely show you how.

Don’t Lay In Bed Sleepless Ever Again – Fall Asleep Quickly Every Time With The Outsmart Insomnia Protocol Today!

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