Pink Shave Review: Does It Work Better Than Men’s Razors?

No woman doesn’t undergo the stress of choosing between pricey store-bought razors or even men’s razors. Quite a hassle, right? Well stay back and relax since your life is about to get a whole lot glossier with Pink Shave.

Having discovered that, we had to find a better way for you. And you are about to prove that in this review. But just to give you a tip of the iceberg, Pink Shave offers you huge money and time savings. Amazing!! Right?

No more queuing at the store or purchasing those costly razors. I know it’s been quite difficult and expensive maintaining that flawless skin all-year round. But thanks to Pink Shave.

Get heads turning as you step out for that special occasion with the amazing shaving experience it offers.

Pink Shave Product


Pink Shave, a total turnaround!

Many of our clients have shared their product reviews and I can confirm to you that this is just a whole new chapter. And don’t forget this product is uniquely designed with every woman in mind.

You might have heard so many ways of attaining that glossy skin, but trust me all of them are not fully inconvenient.

For example, parlor therapies are costly and time-consuming. Furthermore, your privacy as a woman is highly compromised. And even the worse occurs when they are carried out by the inexperienced leading to skin irritation and infections.

Additionally, they ought to be done regularly which is inconvenient to many women, especially those with busy schedules.

There is no need for you to make a last-minute rush to the parlor when you can make your life smoother with Pink Shave product.

Choose a private clean-up procedure that has been described in this review and you won’t regret.

Pink Shave product

What’s different?

Forget all those razor brands you’ve heard or been told. Pink Shave’s razors have diamond platinum coated cutting edges as well as an Aloe Vera and Vitamin E lubricating strip to help minimize skin irritation and hair ingrowth.

In addition, the strip moisturizes and protects the skin ensuring a smooth glide and shave all the time.

Also, this product offers a good shaving experience, especially for a sensitive skin. The three blade razor is carefully designed with a pivot head in addition to the moisturizing strip.

Finally, it’s affordable and convenient for most women. You can’t miss buying this product if you’ve been looking forward to a new shaving experience.

Smooth Shave

Author’s testimony

Well, it seems the author herself, Jenny Clark, has a testimony and we can’t wait to hear. Here we go!

I’m the first one to admit it in a time crunch, I find myself reaching for body soap to prep my legs for shaving… And I know what you are thinking. “Don’t be surprised, I do that too!”

Furthermore, I received a free trial with Pink Shave that included shave cream. I thought, “How could this be any different?” But I could see AND feel the difference!

I experienced a closer shave, my legs felt hydrated and it mad me feel radiant! It made the whole shaving process so smooth. The shave cream helps you see exactly where you are shaving, so no missed spots!

The biggest difference I noticed is that Pink Shave Cream is created with natural and gentle ingredients. This means it is nice on the skin but helps your razor do its job!

Trust me when I say this: try it and you will notice the difference and you will definitely love it.

Pink Shave

Why Pink Shave

In this review, we have underlined for you the various reasons why you can’t miss this amazing package. Some of the major advantages of Pink Shave over men’s razors include:

  • Your privacy and convenience are catered for.
  • It is affordable.
  • Offers 100% skin-friendly results i.e. leaves the skin very soft.
  • We deliver on your doorstep hence saving on transport costs.
  • Contains no chemical additives like paraben hence safe and comfortable.
  • Slides on the skin hence suited for sensitive areas of the skin.
  • Contains soothing ingredients to help soothe the skin.
  • Offers a closer shave.
  • Easy to handle and store.
  • Protects and nourishes the skin.

What’s inside the package

• Shaving cream

If you’ve been made to believe that shaving with a razor without a shaving cream offers you an intimate contact with your skin, then let this review prove you wrong. This is very dangerous to your skin.

Small scratches on the skin can cause infections.  And with frequent shaving, dark patches of skin may appear on the shaved area.

These are called razor bumps which are actually minor swellings as a result of hair ingrowth. A shaving cream ensures such problems are avoided.

The cream acts as a lubricant between the razor head and the skin enabling a smooth gliding of the razor head on the skin.

By doing so you avoid any possibility of cuts, bruises or aftershave rash.

Finally, it ensures a smooth end result due to its incredible soothing, moisturizing botanical blend.

So, enjoy a razor bump free ride with Pink Shave cream.

Shaving cream

• Razorblades

Have you already grabbed your first-class shaving cream? And taken your quality time to care for your beautiful skin with the after-shave serum too?

Well, if you are missing a fine shaving tool, then you are missing a lot. Pink Shave razor blades are of superior quality, sharp, durable and are made of stainless steel.

However, we take care of this snag by offering you a complete package to ensure a flawless and glowing skin.

If you are experiencing any kind of skin infection after shaving, any person who is not knowledgeable would advise you to take care of your razor head. And if your razor is not in top-notch condition, there isn’t much you can get.

That is why our designers did their best to produce high-quality razor heads which are sharp and offer clean shave to any unwanted hair in your body.

Not forgetting they are very gentle on your face and bikini areas and best suited for your arms, legs, and underarms.

Finally, they are provided with a moisturizing strip enriched with Aloe Vera and vitamin E to soothe your skin as the razor sides of your skin.

Amazingly, it contains a comfortably weighted handle that can be firmly held with a full 90-degree pivot head. The bottom blade is uniquely designed to prevent your skin from small cuts and nicks.

Razor head

• Moisturizer cream

Have you ever imagined if after-shave were for men only? Well, a female skin demands much more pampering after-shave. And we are here to ensure no stone is left unturned.

The moisturizer cream clears away any rash or razor burn with its calming and soothing properties. Those who have been there can testify how razor burns are very painful and itchy.

A sensitive skin suffers most due to this. That is why we have ensured that the moisturizer cream is enriched with antiseptics to clear away any minor infections that may occur.

Therefore, the main aim of the moisturizer cream is to ensure your skin is rejuvenated

Getting started!

Wow! I know having gone through the previous content of this review, you can’t wait to get started. Well, we are here to ensure you get your own package very soon. Don’t hesitate to buy this product.

Here are the few easy steps to get you started:

  • Choose your trial kit at a pocket-friendly cost for your first month.
  • Complete your package by adding a Bikini Smooth.
  • Secure your checkout.
  • Finally, have a look at some secret offers!

Tada! There you go and enjoy your clean shave with fantastic results.

Pink Shave


Do still have a reason for long queues at the shops? Your time and money savings start today.

Who doesn’t love a superior quality product which is affordable? It does not matter the hassle you’ve gone through before trying to find the perfect product for your skin.

No more skin irritations, infections or razor cuts. We offer a complete package that offers you an amazing shaving experience leaving your skin smooth and sparkling.

Make him crave for more of your touch by purchasing Pink Shave pack. It just never disappoints and many people have testified to that.

Be a woman who cares for her skin and there is nothing more you need than this product.

Why wait for an arrogantly looking store employee to open that locked cabinet to grab a refill for you? Sounds crazy, right?

Amazingly, we have made your life easier. You wanna know how? Well, we deliver your order to your doorstep. No more hustle.

You won’t attain your ultimate shaving experience until you grab your pack of this product. This product has been exclusively designed for women and it is time to shift from the men’s club.

Our product is geared towards meeting your specific needs as a woman. Buy this product today and receive the value for your money. Trust me.

Hurry while stock lasts! Few packages remaining and you can’t miss!!

Click here if you’re ready to ditch ineffective and irritating men’s razors, and go with Pink Shave – see just how comfortable shaving can get!

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