Prenatal strength Review: The Safe Way To Work Out While Pregnant?

Troubled about staying fit and healthy during pregnancy? Well, relax since we are about to introduce you to what you are missing to stay fit during your pregnancy. This is the book called Prenatal Strength.

Pregnancy has always been an exciting time for women. It is a time to relish and enjoy. But doesn’t mean you should sit on the sidelines and watch others work out.

That’s why we found it crucial to introduce to you this product. This review is just an introduction of the vital information you must have at your fingertips as a pregnant woman.

However, the ultimate goal should be to buy this product as soon as possible. Studies have proved that women who keep fit during pregnancy experience less labor pain with minimal complications. At the same time, the unborn baby benefits too.

I know by now you are curious to know what you ought to do. That’s why you can’t miss reading this review up to the end. Not forgetting to purchase the product, Prenatal Strength.

Prenatal Strength

Prenatal Strength

Why Prenatal Strength?

The old mama’s tales that kept women from exercising during pregnancy are gone! In fact, let’s clear the air with the truth right away: keeping fit will not hurt you or the baby. Actually, the opposite is true.

You are probably feeling exhausted and comfortable right now. You are wondering if you will ever fit into your skinny jeans again, right?

Well, we’ve got your back and be sure to be relieved of the aches. And you are most likely to regain your pre-pregnancy weight.

This workout addresses every aspect of your changing body. And this review covers that all, so you have no excuse for not going through it.

The additional benefits of Prenatal Strength are:

  • It helps in boosting energy.
  • Promotes easier and faster labor.
  • Enhances quicker healing and recovery.


Point to note…

When you are expectant, it is more vital to listen to your body while working out, but it doesn’t imply you need to abandon movement altogether.

Prenatal Strength proves just that and is designed specifically for keeping you and your little baby safe. This is because a healthy mama means a healthy baby.

However, it is important to consult with your doctor for the go-ahead before you enroll for the workout.

What’s unique?

You might be wondering what’s unique about this guide, Prenatal Strength. Well, inside this guide you will find a detailed kettlebell description manual.

This is in addition to more than 20 different exercises. And each description includes proper technique, photos, and common mistakes.

The common mistakes include:

  • Starting with the weight too far out
  • Rounding the back
  • Shrugging the shoulders
  • Bending the arms
  • Not keeping a neutral neck
  • Not fully extending the hips and knees at lockout

Prenatal Strength

Workout tips

In this program, we’ve assembled together a great, full-body strength training schedule for the mom-to-be or anyone else for that matter! Just keep in mind the following tips as you work out.

• Choose lower weights at the same time stick to higher reps

It is always important to keep your heart rate at a moderate level when you are pregnant. So, you should opt for the lower weights, however, you can do several repetitions.

• Keep it slow

Pregnancy fills in you with the hormone called “relaxin” which causes your joints move more easily. Hence, moving slowly ensures a better result and keeps you safer in the process.

• Keep your upper body elevated after the first trimester

Your growing uterus is capable of compressing the vena cava, the major vessel that ensures blood flow back to your heart. Therefore, minimizing blood flow and making you feel dizzy or nauseated.

Prenatal Strength

The Do’s

Every game has its own rules and workouts are not excluded. Whether you are an athlete or a reformed coach, it’s important to keep the following rules for your safety and the baby.

1. Check with your doctor

Always consult with your doctor before adopting a certain workout routine. If you exercised regularly before getting pregnant and you have no complications, you can probably continue working out as before.

2. Get enough calories

Eat well to obtain required strength as exercise burns calories.

3. Avoid dangerous games

Try to avoid all games that involve a lot of contacts. As well as activities that may throw you off balance and cause a fall.

4. Wear the right clothes

Put on loose-fitting clothes when on the workout. Also may be due to mild-swelling due to pregnancy, consider buying a new pair of shoes.

5. Drink a lot of water

Drink water as frequently as possible to avoid dehydrating. Dehydration increases your risk of overheating or even trigger contractions.

6. Avoid lying flat on your back

Don’t exercise while lying flat on your back. This can prevent blood flow to your heart, brain, and uterus.

7. Don’t overdo it

You should feel like you’re working your body, not punishing it. If you feel completely drained instead of invigorated after a workout, you’re probably overdoing it.


Before I became a mom, I became a registered dietitian. When pursuing a career as such there is naturally an underlying interest in food and physical activity and how these elements can be manipulated in order to promote health.

That interest sparked way before I picked my career choice. With this in my backbone and armed with a with a good and sound diet, I felt it was important to keep exercising while pregnant and I did keep it up with all my 3 pregnancies.

My doctor would often compliment me when I came in for prenatal visits saying how I always seemed so full of energy and always had a smile while many of his other patients moaned and groaned.

“As long as it doesn’t hurt” was his general response. I was searching for information, not only on how to go about but also if this was something that was considered safe and recommended.

Jessica’s book gave answers to questions I always had wanted to ask during my times of pregnancy and confirmed the appropriateness of my practices.

Jessica’s writing style shines with compassion and enthusiasm and it would have been so great to have had this book with me throughout my own journey of becoming a mom.

We are all individuals and what works for some may not work for others but with the varieties and options as far as workouts that Jessica has included in the book, there is something for everyone.

This includes those looking to keep active before, during and after pregnancy no matter what your initial fitness level is.

I guarantee she will inspire you to keep it up even long after pregnancies. What a great thing to pass down to your children.

Pros of Prenatal Strength Book

  • It is available in soft copy hence flexible and convenient.
  • It provides a vital guide to women on how to work out safe during pregnancy.
  • It provides women with ways to have a healthier pregnancy and an easy time in the delivery room.
  • It educates women how to recover quickly from delivery by keeping healthy during actual pregnancy.

Prenatal Strength

Cons of the Book

Even the best product cannot miss having its drawbacks. And for this book, the disadvantages are:

  • The book is only relevant to pregnant women or those purposing to get children in the future.
  • Sometimes, just reading an instructional book without an instructor may not be very effective.

Final Verdict

Prenatal Strength is a must have pregnancy book! It will help you navigate working out through each trimester to better your pregnancy experience.

Learn what weights to use, how many reps and sets. Giving you guidelines such as
cautions, heart rate monitoring and proper nutrition.

Pregnancy is a great time for any woman. It is a time to relax and enjoy with great expectations of a new-born.

During this time there are numerous hormonal and body functions changes that take place in your body which may cause your physical fitness to fall by the wayside if you are not careful.

Physical exercise is vital for your pregnancy as it helps in keeping up your strength and contributes to an easier delivery.

Research has shown that women who work out a lot during pregnancy experience easier delivery, fewer complications and shorter labor periods.


This book guides you in making informed decisions that result in the superior delivery outcome and that which you envision.

It also contains each trimester’s specific workouts that will help you keep strong and healthy as well as contribute to an easier delivery and quick recovery.

Develop a body you can be proud of and stay in great shape even while pregnant – Click here to get started using Prenatal Strenght today!

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