The Sleep Apnea Exercises Program Review: Best Sleep Apnea Cure?

Sleep Apnea is one of the most serious sleeping disorders.When a person sleeps, their breathing is interrupted once or multiple times.

This interruption is a breathing pause, during which the supply of oxygen stops. If you are having this problem and it’s in initial stages, chances are you might not even be aware.

As the oxygen does not reach the brain and other parts of the body, such a situation can be very dangerous. To diagnose sleep apnea you will require special medical attention. It is certainly treatable by ignoring it can be extremely bad.

Of course, there are medical solutions out there, such as CPAP device and much more. But I understand how difficult sleeping with such a device can be. It can happen in any age but elderly are often more affected.

Unfortunately, my little son is facing this problem, so I understand your plight. He sleeps with the CPAP device but that is not any sort of cure, it’s more like support.

After reading countless reviews about Sleep Apnea programs, I decided to settle with The Sleep Apnea Exercises Program.

Understanding Sleep Apnea

To understand how Sleep Apnea can be cured, let me first tell you the reason behind its occurrence.

When air travels to the lungs, it tries to find its way through throat, mouth, and nose (it is called upper aviation path). The back of a human’s throat falls inwards when in a relaxed state as it is extremely delicate. While at the same time the surrounding throat muscles conflict with this breakdown and try to keep the aviation route open.

If the delicate throat tissue falls regardless, it briefly closes off the airway and in such situation, apnea happens. The breathing of a person stops; “apnea” itself means breath discontinuance in Greek.

This is the major reason behind apnea is the delicate back of throat area and then there is another not so common reason.

If a person has a subtle sense of taste, or a thick tongue it could cause apnea as well. In this case, the highest end of your throat encounters the heavy thick back piece of the tongue.

The Sleep Apnea Exercises Program

If you are here today, reading this, you might already have tried a range of products and treatment methods. Numerous products and reviews claim to treat apnea with their devices and medicines, but only a few of them actually help.

Is your sleep apnea really bad? There is no improvement?

You might have tried the following:

  • Weight loss (but that did not help for long)
  • CPAP (but it’s difficult sleeping with a mask on the face)
  • Dental appliances (often least effective and uncomfortable)
  • Surgery (helps in certain cases, but mostly does not last)

Even after trying all or some of these, if your sleep apnea worsens and it’s making your health deteriorate.

What can you do? Is there an inexpensive & simple solution?

There could be a ray of hope and you will not have to buy all those expensive cures that use fake claims.

You will be relieved to know that there treatments for sleep apnea that do not include undergoing a surgery, an equipment for your face, or some other drastic step.

There are certain simple exercises included in the Sleep Apnea Exercises Program that will help you in a great way!

And what if I tell you this can be done at home easily? So you can get your peaceful sleep back.

A different approach

Yes, there are treatments that can cure or considerably reduce the problem of sleep apnea – but most doctors will not recommend these.

Why not?

Generally, doctors are not aware of these simple yet effective treatments. The reason being that medical training does not involve new treatments that are now available. Their initial reaction is to prescribe a CPAP after diagnosing sleep apnea.

Now, do not misinterpret me, I understand that CPAP is greatly effective and helpful for treating sleep apnea. But it does not cure the problem; you have lived with the mask for your entire sleeping time. There are many other drawbacks of CPAP that make it repulsive for certain people.

Here I am also going to include the side effects that are linked with CPAP:

  • Headache
  • Dry mouth
  • Sinus infection
  • Claustrophobia

And the biggest being that you always sleep with a tube, mask, and related machinery attached to it.

This is most certainly not natural!

Definitely not, in my opinion, I am sure that many other people agree with me. We are all looking for a permanent, natural, inexpensive cure.

Sleep Apnea Exercises Program

The good thing is – there are fully natural sleep apnea treatments! You will not have to endure any uncomfortable and expensive equipment. You get something that can easily be done at home and it is supported by proven scientific studies.

The Creator

Marc MacDonald from Ottawa, Canada holds an M. Sc. degree and wanted to find a solution to the sleep apnea disorder. After extensive research Marc MacDonald was able to finalize some exercises that proved to be exceedingly helpful for apnea sufferers.

Marc believes that these oral exercises just need 20 minutes of your day and they ultimately cure or drastically reduce the effects of sleep apnea.

This program was developed after years of research and in-depth studying of this sleep disorder the reasons behind it. Marc focused on the causes and endeavors to cure the problem of this disorder roots of origin.

Exercises in Detail

Before you buy the Sleep Apnea Exercises Program, you should understand the significance of these exercises that I will include in this review. These exercises will strengthen and build the muscles around the airway.

With these small but effective exercises, the chances of your delicate back throat blocking the airway become extremely low. It will not collapse completely and hence your breathing will not be interrupted.

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The exercises that strengthen the airway are different for different body parts, as explained below:

  • Jaw Exercise: Keeping your jaw tense can lead to sleep apnea obstructions. A tight jaw will directly place pressure on the breathing paths. So, jaw exercises of this program can assist to relax and loosen the muscles of the jaw.
  • Soft palate Exercise: Soft palate muscles are located in the area surrounding the tongue base. These muscles tend to be in their relaxed state when you sleep. A soft palate that is weak could flap around followed by the tip falling down on the tongue hence blocking the air path. The exercises for soft palate will lift the palate and also strengthen and tone the excessively soft muscles of the palate.
  • Tongue Exercise: Most people do not realize the fact that tongue is basically a muscle. A weak tongue tends to drop back on the throat, which causes blockage of the airway. Exercises for tongue help to build the strength and tone the muscles.
  • Throat exercise: Muscles of the throat could be weak and this might cause them to collapse when you sleep, hence blocking the airway. Throat exercises assist in building, strengthening, and toning the muscles of the throat. The specialized exercises included in this program open up the throat and also prevent it from closing up during sleep.

The Sleep Apnea Exercises Program

Does it actually help?

As Marc MacDonald promises that the exercises are scientifically proven to assist in sleep apnea disorder.

The sleep apnea exercises that reduce obstruction are all linked to your nose, neck, face, mouth and throat region. The basic behind these exercises is the workout, training, and strengthening of certain muscles and body parts. This, in turn, makes the access to airway easier for better breathing while you are sleeping.

However, you need to understand that not just any exercise will help you in this situation. The key is: practicing exercises that are proven to cure this sleeping disorder by strengthening the airway.

The exercises that have been proven to cure obstructive sleep apnea and in certain cases snoring as well are included in this program. Your focus should be on these exercises ONLY; as doing anything else would be a waste of time.

So, what are these exercises, exactly?

Will any of this actually work?

As a symbol of goodwill, I am explaining one exercise from this program here. You can do this every day and see for yourself the change it creates. You will finally start experiencing the peaceful sleep that you very well deserve.

From the soft palate exercises, this particular one is named “soft palate blowing”. Just follow the steps stated here:

  • Inhale through the nose
  • Exhale through the mouth. While exhaling, try to press and keep your lips together. Doing this creates resistance.
  • Also, tighten your stomach while exhaling.
  • Try to keep up with exhaling for 5 continuous seconds.
  • Repeat the entire process 10 times.

You can also use a balloon during this exercise. Blow with the mouth into the balloon; after each exhale, into the balloon, stop and take the balloon away. Now through your nose, inhale deeply, then again exhale into the balloon following the same steps.

Now, think if one exercise can benefit you this way, what would the whole program do?

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